Stock wars

Share market investment is the competition which brings out the bull and bear amongst the players, our shareholders. But there is no risk in speculation as we deal with virtual money. So speculators, here is the opportunity in E-Summit'18 to showcase your skills and get rewarded. Know More

IPL auction

Ever thought what would you do if you got a chance to build your own IPL team. To use your knowledge of the 'Big Game' and your sixth sense to create the perfect team that goes on to lift the coveted Trophy. How good are you in managing your money? Explore yourself in the player auction which is an IPL-like auction event. Prove that you are the best investor making the right investment decision. Know More

Biz quiz

Biz quiz is the quiz competition based on latest business and economics. If you are burgeon on the business section of the news every day. There is a chance to showcase your knowledge through E-SUMMIT'17. Know More

Entrepreneurial Ideation

Entrepreneurial ideation is organized with an aim to encourage participants and provide an opportunity that can transform their innovation - something as simple and small scale initiative as their summer project or a research endeavour or some random innovative idea that can be converted into a business . A very broad concept, it is essentially the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products and services. To the short, any innovative idea which can be feasible to be converted into a profitable market is welcomed. Know More

Case challenge

This is a case study event conducted by esummit. In this competitive world of business everyday brings in a new challenge,This event gives you an opportunity to analyse a real life challenge and derive a solution on your own.It allows you to go beyond the text of the case and lets you use your creative and case solving skills to their best. This competition guarantees you to provide a real world management experience. Know More